Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monthly Menu Planning

I am one of those people that feel menu planning in very difficult. I never seem to get my act together to plan a week worth of meals. Every now and then I have a organized week where I do manage to plan, and stick to, a menu plan. On those weeks I find menu planning does save time and money. No more ordering a pizza because at 5:45 in the evening no one knows whats for dinner. Another thing I've learned about menu planning on a budget is even more difficult. I may really want to make a pot roast one week, but not a single local grocery store (I have 5) has pot roast on sale. So what do I do? I have a list of 20 cheap, easy things I know my family will eat. This is what they are:

(When I say "veggie" I use whatever was on sale that week, if there were no good sales, then I make whatever frozen veggies we have):
1) Brinner (breakfast for dinner) scrambled eggs, toast, whatever fresh fruit was on sale
2) Pasta in tomato sauce, garlic bread, veggie
3) Homemade pizza and fries(homemade or frozen)
4) Boxed mac & Cheese, veggie
5) Frozen chicken nuggets, veggie
6) Pork chops, couscous, veggie
7) Baked Chicken, cheesy risotto, veggie
8) BBQ chicken, fries
9) Cream cheese & chicken crescents, veggie
10) Lasagna, garlic bread, veggie
11) Grilled cheese w/ tomato soup
12) Chicken tenders, veggie
13) Baked fish, mashed potatoes, veggie
14) Homemade mac & cheese, veggie
15) Chicken quesadillas, rice, veggie
16) Stuffed zucchini, couscous
17) Goat cheese stuffed turkey burgers, veggie <-------only make this when goat cheese and ground turkey go on sale!
18) Philly cheese steak subs, fries
19) Herb rub chicken, also toss carrots & chopped potatoes in pan for a no fuss meal
20) Homemade beef stew <-----made in winter when stew meat goes on sale, I stock up and freeze extra beef stew

I have most the ingredients in my pantry, so that helps as well. Every week I usually pick five items off the above list and think of two other things I'd like to make that has most of the ingredients needed on sale. Using this method has made menu planning super easy!

That's my Frugal Tip Tuesday

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