Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 My Year in Review

Well, 2012 was a very bad year for my family. We struggled with many things and even had two close loved ones pass away. The fact that we're still standing and moving forward is success enough for me! Even though I didn't meet most the goals I set out to accomplish, I'm not disappointed. But anyway, this is how I did:
Save $1,500 by using coupons and $3,500 by shopping sales: I spent 9 out of the last 12 months being a full time Honors college student, I didn't have much time to coupon. Oh well.
Read 10 books of my choice: This I did! I actually got to read 13!
Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher: I am proud to say my current GPA is 3.85
Brush my teeth twice a day and floss: All I have to say is flossing sucks.
Eat breakfast everyday: Nope
Be physically active for 15 minutes a day: Not every day, but maybe 3xs a week
Implement a skin care routine: Nope
Eat at least one piece of fruit and one vegetable a day:
Do some type of stress reduction activity daily: and Nope
Catch up with all my Dr.'s: Some, not all
Eat low fat yogurt daily:
Don't think I ate yogurt at all in 2012
Be physically active for 30 minutes a day: no
Go to bed before 11:30 pm: Is that possible?
Eat more whole grains and less refined carbs: Well, I ate less fried foods...
Try a new exercise:

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