Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Blogger

I need to get with it. It's been awhile since I've posted, I'm such a bad blogger. So an update on my New Year's goals. I would say that they are coming along a little iffy. I have made a lot of progress getting organized. Tackled some closets that were getting out of hand. This was my dirty little, unorganized, secret. I need this tiny closet to hold all my cleaning supplies, towels, tools, and misc. bathroom items that just don't fit into the bathroom. I was hardly able to find what I needed, and if by chance I could find what I was looking for, I could never get it out without a bunch of other things falling to the ground. After a few hours, going shelf by shelf, this is what the closet looks like now:

After a month it's still organized!

As far as my other goals go, they have been an uphill battle. I have managed to save $20 a week, which is better than nothing. I'm about to give up on menu planning. I'm finding it easier to stock up on sale items and have a bunch of recipes that my family will eat on hand. My diet is a big problem. Sure, I can get my kids breakfast, but other than my morning cup of joe, I don't eat anything until lunch. Not good. My stress has been so-so. I used to be a smoker, and have quite for the past two years, but after the new year things got very hard in my life and sadly I turned back to cigarettes. They do help me reduce my stress, but I don't like what it is doing to my health. I'm not giving up!

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