Friday, February 27, 2009

Kid's clothing challenge

I'm giving myself a challenge when it comes to buying clothes for my 2 kids. I vow to NOT buy and new clothes for my kids for the next year. I am doing this for two main reasons, 1) Buying clothes at resale shops (or yard sales) is a lot cheaper than buying them new in the store, and 2) I do try to live my life green the best I can and I'm sure this falls into the "reduce, reuse, recycle" motto.

I think I'll call it Kids hand-me-down challenge

I've always picked up a few things here and there at resale shops, but now I will buy everything there. The only thing I will buy new will be footwear and underwear, because I'm picky about those things. I was fortunate this winter to have my mother spoil my kids with clothes for Christmas. I swear she bought them enough outfits to last two weeks without having to do a single load of laundry. But spring is coming, and my little ones have been growing. I will be posting what I buy and how much I spend once I start shopping.

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