Thursday, August 26, 2010

Target in hot water

There have been many recent reports about how Target is not giving their customers full value of coupons. Back in June Target apparently switch to a different computer system that is messing up the value of coupons. (Find out more by reading this article) Frankly, this is appalling!

I went to Target tonight and experienced this problem first hand. I had a manufactures coupon to save $2 off the purchase of ANY 2 Glade oil tins and/or products. Oil tins are on clearance now for $1.48 each. I figured, great deal. I'd get two tins for only .96 cents after my coupon.

I buy two tins, my coupon scans no problem, I check out. I admit I wasn't paying attention to the register when my coupon was scanned, so I don't know what the value scanned as. When I looked at my receipt my coupon only rang up as $1.48 off!

I went right to customer service and explained what had happened. The man that "helped" me, made it seem like it was my mistake! He even asked me if I was sure I read the coupon right, he even went to the registrar that rang me up to read the coupon for himself! I've been using coupons for many years, I know how to use a coupon!

When he came back he said "Well the only thing I can think of is the product was less than the value of the coupon and the price adjusted itself, but I'll give you the difference anyway." I explained that that coupon stated to buy 2 items which I did, so the product value was MORE than the coupon. He didn't respond.


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sharercoupons said...

I had the exact issue with the exact items/coupons. The manager I delt with told me he would do it as a "one time thing". I printed the artical linked and bring it along with the coupon policy now!